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Category: Logos Seminars


Welcome to the Logos Book Club meeting! Our reading subject will be the very popular book The Master and Margarita. Make sure to get a copy or download the translation provided for your participation in the book club meeting! We will be reading chapter s 6-12. Please purchase an entrance to the book club meeting and then you will receive a group email the day of our meeting with a zoom link to join at 7:00pm est on Nov. 23.


  1. Purchase Book Club access for $5.oo
  2. Get your copy of The Master and Margarita book.
  3. Read, highlight, reflect, critique, that is your copy.
  4. Receive and email from me with the zoom link for the book club meeting on Aug 17 @ 7:00pm est
  5. Join the book club meeting with the zoom link on Aug 17 @ 7:00pm est to discuss our reading with each other.
  • Things to Keep In Mind
    • highlight and mark aspects you like, dislike, and question.
    • Ask yourself what you were the most important sections of the reading to you?
    • Though maybe not the most important, what stood out to you and what did you learn new from the reading?


  1. There is no refund
  2. If a participant becomes a distraction to the group conversation, is belligerent, or won’t respect the other brothers and sisters in the book club they will be kicked out at anytime without refund.